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  What is Keren Nesivos Moshe?
Keren Nesivos Moshe is a network of schools across Eretz Yisroel founded in response to an unprecedented demand for religious schooling among nonobservant and newly observant parents.

  Why was Keren Nesivos Moshe established?
Growing numbers of families were looking to send their children to Torah schools. Many had taken the first tentative steps towards a religious way of life and were looking for schools that incorporated religious subjects into their curriculum. Others had no interest in religion, but looked to religious schools as an alternative to violence-ridden secular schools. More often than not, however, these parents were unable to find a suitable school for their children. Many of these families live in secular neighborhoods where no Torah schools exist. Even in cases where Torah schools are situated nearby, these schools often are not equipped to deal with the unique needs of children from such backgrounds. A new school system had to be established that would meet these children’s needs- and that was why the Gedolei Torah, led by Rav Aharon Leib Steinman and the Gerrer Rebbe, brought Keren Nesivos Moshe into being.

  Why are Keren Nesivos Moshe schools unique?
Curriculum – The Keren’s schools are attractive to nonobservant families because they offer a level of education that far surpasses that of the public school system. At the same time, the schools offer a Torah education that meets the children’s – and their families’- unique needs. It introduces Torah concepts on a gradual basis, enabling the children to integrate them naturally.

Devoted Teachers – The Keren’s teachers do more than just teach – they help students and their families successfully make the transition into a religious way of life. They are teachers, social workers, child psychologists and outreach professionals all rolled into one.

Keren Nesivos Moshe