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  You Showed Us the Way - The Story of One Family
“For a long time, my daughter Dolev longed to learn in a religious school, and her every dream was to be religious. Frankly, we were very skeptical about sending her to a religious school, especially after they told us what would be expected of us, the parents. “Eventually we agreed to a trial period, to see how the influx of religion affected our home life, and also to gauge the school’s general studies scholastic level. “In this letter, I can’t begin to describe the change that we are experiencing. It was truly a blessed day when you agreed to accept Dolev into the school. “Every day when Dolev comes home, she teaches us something new. Thanks to her we leaned to recite Birkas Hamazon and daven Shacharis every morning. It’s also thanks to her that we keep Shabbos. We make sure to only buy glatt kosher food, and to eat only in restaurants with good rabbinical supervision. “I now attend a Torah shiur twice a week and I am very thankful to Hashem that I have become friends with people who are religious. Every morning I thank Keren Nesivos Moshe for showing us the way. “None of this would have happened had it not been for the teachers who put their whole neshama into the school. My daughter’s teacher is so patient. She has lit up Dolev’s soul. She sees her profession not just as a job that starts and end in the classroom, but rather as a life mission. “In the short time my daughter has been in school, we have seen her take huge strides forward. Thank you.” - Yael Moretsky

Keren Nesivos Moshe