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  A Thirst for Torah - The Story of One Community
Like any other classroom at the start of the school day, it takes a little time for theses 20 students to settle down in their seats. Coats have to be hung on the hooks, greetings have to be called out to friends, and sefarim have to be thumbed through until the correct page is found. Once the class begins, however, the intense concentration in the room is palpable, as is the enjoyment, because these are no ordinary students. These 20 grown men learn twice a week b’chavrusa with local avreichim, and they heard about the program through their children, all of whom are students at the Keren Nesivos Moshe school in Kiryat Shmuel. “This is our project for the current school year,” explains Principal Rabbi Avraham Osterei. “We’re giving not just children, but also their parents the opportunity to learn Torah.” The program’s goal is to give chizuk to the families that are either just starting on the path of Torah and mitzvos, or who need encouragement to maintain their commitment to staying on the path. Rabbi Ostrei explains that by strengthening the parents, the school is ensuring the future of the next generation. “Once the father begins to learn, it changes everything in the family,” he says. “The family becomes much more deeply committed to their Yiddishkeit and the children have a much greater enthusiasm for their limudei kodesh.” And while years ago no one would have dreamed that a Torah community could be built in a town like Kiryat Shmuel – a former bastion of socialism – that’s exactly what is happening as a result of the Keren’s efforts. “The success of this program,” says Rabbi Ostrei, “is proving that even in a town like Kiryat Shmuel there is a real thirst for the living waters of the Torah.”

Keren Nesivos Moshe