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  Broken Windows, Whole Hearts - The Story of One School
Five years after rabidly anti-religious Meretz demonstrators threatened the 20 students at the Keren Nesivos in Kadima with attack dogs and hurled rocks through the windows, the school is the picture of tranquility and is bursting at the seams. During morning recess, hundreds of children of all ages fill the schoolyard. In the early afternoon, the sound of Torah study reverberates in the corridors. Later, nonobservant parents interested in registering their children are taken on a tour of the facilities by the principal. Orit Steinberg recalls the hand-wringing she went through with her husband five years ago before they finally decided to send their son, Yossi, to the Keren school. We werent completely observant then, she explains, and we were hesitant to pull our child out of school and send him to a religious institution. But when he came home that first day and started telling me what he had learned in class about the parsha, my heart melted. Orit says that in the beginning, it was often hard for her to understand the things her son was learning at school. But they grew together. He would bring me his homework sheets, and I would sit with him and try to decipher what they said. I remember having to go all the way to Netanya to buy a special book on Mishnayos so that Id be able to help Yossi with his homework. Yossi was among the schools early students who were subjected to the Meretz demonstrations. Yet that difficult beginning has long ago faded from memory. Today, Orit and Yossi and the rest of the family are completely observant. And the school now located in Kadima, serves more than 350 children.

Keren Nesivos Moshe